Eric King Interviews Rick Santelli

Eric King Interviews Rick Santelli

from zero hedge by Tyler Durden

After what seems another day of tireless brainwashing, it is always preferable to close, listening to the one man who continues to call it like it is. In today’s feature interview, which touches on virtually every currently relevant topic, Eric King speaks to Rick Santelli discussing such items as European insolvency/austerity, try to get to the bottom of the quandary where Japan (itself massively in debt) is getting the money to fund the European rescue, deconstruct the once anathema and now mainstream topic of a global ponzi system (less than two years ago one would be branded a fringe idiot for calling the global financial realm one big ponz… now it is rare to find someone who doesn’t), the Japanese demographic crunch, the US municipal collapse and its implications on the USD (judging by the blowtorching of the DXY tonight, nothing good), the food riots and their causes (surging demand due to monetary policy as well as supply constraints), on the inflationary aftermath of the CNY peg (and what it means for Chinese FX reserve investment strategy), the continued reckless issuance of debt by the Treasury, gold, and much more.

Full interview link.

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