Are We All Happy?

Are We All Happy?

by Turd Ferguson

First of all, I hope you all read, pondered and acted upon this:
And, most importantly, this:

If you did, you’ve made a nice bit of money over the past 48-72 hours and, for that, I am happy. Not to sound overly altruistic, but this site is FREE because I want you to prosper and, also, prepare. To charge for that “service” would not seem fair and it would exclude too many of those I wish to help. I’m just glad you’ve found this site, that you are learning as you go and that you are profiting from the experience. Now, all I ask in return is that you help as many others as possible…through your own expertise but also by alerting as many folks as you can to the wonders of The Great and Powerful Turd. I’m about to spend a 5-digit sum on building a new site for us. To make that investment sensible, we’ll need as much traffic as possible. Thanks in advance for your promotional assistance.

Onto today’s action, check out this updated silver chart:

If you are inclined to lock in some profits, I’d say somewhere above $38 looks like a good place. Of course, I wouldn’t sell everything. That would be foolish.

Following crude and silver, gold should be the next to push higher. Once it deals with some tough sledding between 1441 and 1445, it will be off to the races. Santa’s next “angel” level is at 1521. That’d work. Be patient. This breakout will happen soon.

More this evening. For now, go celebrate your gains and be happy. Turd out.

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