More Fed BS

Once again in case you missed it, The Wicked Witch and her sidekick, Ruprecht, had another one of their famous planning meetings today. If you haven’t yet seen it, here’s the link:

In a desperate attempt to shave a few dollars off of the price of gold before the release tomorrow of the March BLSBS report, your Federal Reserve rolled out another one of their worthless, Keynesian hacks to talk up the dollar late this afternoon. This time, they chose some crackpot shill from Minnesota who I’d never heard of before and whose name I can’t pronounce. “Kosherdakota” or some such nonsense. As if it matters what this clueless prick has to say. Well, actually I guess it does matter. Kosherdakota’s words of wisdom were enough to trip a few algos into sell mode and gold is now about $10 lower than it was at 4:00 EDT. Such bullshit and that’s $10 we won’t get back without a concerted effort by longs tomorrow. Whatever. Who, in their right mind, would sell their gold and/or silver on the back of the late afternoon musings of a criminal Fed thug? Not me, that’s for sure. Further evidence of the manipulation is seen in the rising price of WTI at the same time. Crude actually traded all the way to 107.65 about an hour ago and sits currently at 107.20. Check out this chart:
Having now cleared 106.80, the chart is open all the way to the old highs of 108.25. Absent a spontaneous eruption of love and nirvana in the Middle East, I’d say there’s about a 99% likelihood we see 108+ overnight or during the day tomorrow.

Onto gold and silver and the pivotal day ahead tomorrow. Take a look at these two charts:
IF the BLS can somehow put some additional BS in their report tomorrow, we may get enough of a selloff that every topcaller from here to Fukushima will be out in force claiming the doubletop in silver is in. First, I highly doubt that the BLSBS report will show anything that a reasonable analyst will be able to construe as positive. Second, even if they did, all the Prechter wanna-bes will be proven wrong in a week or so anyway so fuck em.
Gold’s the same. LIESman may be able to talk it down to 1410 but who cares? Again, I doubt he’ll get the chance. Tomorrow will just be like all of the recent past BLSBS days. Scaredy cats will do some selling into and right after the number. Calm, sane investors will soon step in and silver and gold will catapult higher. Right now, I’d place a very high probability that gold will trade to and close near 1450 and silver will eclipse the old highs at 38.20 and make a move toward 38.50-39. There. Take that, Kosherdakota! Put that in your peyote pipe and smoke it, you machiavellian goon.

And one more thing before I sign off for the day.

Anyone who tries to tell you that QE is about economic growth and avoiding deflation is either:
1) St-st-st-stupid
2) Dangerously clueless
3) Manipulatively trying to sell you something
or 4) just a status quo-loving hack/moron

QE is about funding the federal government and maintaining the U.S. ponzi “as is” for as long as possible. By some estimates, The Fed is now 70%+ of the treasury “market”. Without their direct participation, where would the 10-year note be trading? 5%? 7%? 10%? With rates that high, the entire Fed/TBTF/Govt complex begins to unravel. This can not and will not be allowed to happen. It will happen eventually, anyway, but the Fed isn’t about to voluntarily let it happen. No way, no how.

As discussed ad nauseam, your only option is to protect yourself. Do not rely upon the government. Do not rely upon your employer. Do not rely upon your stockbroker. Buy physical gold and silver. Gold protects your wealth. Silver protects your ability to purchase everyday items. The time to prepare is now.

Tomorrow is a rather significant day in the short-term pricing of gold and silver. It will be fun to watch. But don’t let the bastards drag you down. We are right and we are winning. Rest well and be happy. TF

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