What To Do…

At the urging of “friends” at ZeroHedge, I started this blog exactly five months ago. To my complete astonishment, it has grown almost exponentially. It now ranks in the top 40,000 of all websites in the world and has received just shy of 4,000,000 total pageviews. Its my blog but I’ve told countless people that the real value lies in the comments section. We have so many wise, thoughtful readers that the information they supply, for free, in the comments is the key driver of this site’s growth. To capitalize on our shared potential to help educate others, I’ve even begun the process of building a new, dedicated site for us to use. The site is to be part blog, part forum. A platform for all of us to share information about the PMs, miners, bullion dealers and the like. A sort of “Angie’s List” for all things precious metal.

I must say, the last 24 hours have given me reason to doubt whether its possible to pull it off. The Cartel has an army of disinformation agents out there. The AGAs distract and dissuade people from buying and holding PMs. There are also just regular, plain old douchebags who like to invade internet sites and, through the comfort of anonymity, argue, cajole and name-call just to get attention. I understand this and recognize that it comes with the territory. For example, in the last day alone, we’ve seen threads “hijacked” by:

“Blythe”: As if we’re all so megalomaniacal and stupid enough to believe that The Blythe would waste her time by showing up on a blog to post cryptic messages like “we’re watching you, Mr. Ferguson”. Yah, right. I may have been born at night but it wasn’t last night.

“Vamoose”: This is a fun one. Mr. Vamoose shows up to inform us that their has been a “policy change” whereby food prices are going to be forced to collapse to control events in MENA. Right… Of course, he knows this even while admitting he “has no connections”, just lots of experience. Right

“Trinity B”: My personal favorite. This douchebag would have you believe he runs a “team” of traders who encouraged him to look at our laughable and foolish site. Oh, what a bunch of rubes we are, he chortles. Toward the end of the note, this person also implies that she is, in fact, Blythe. Wow, never heard that one before. Ole Blythe sure has a lot of different personalities.

“AGoldHamster”: This fucking guy only crawls out from under his rock when the metals correct a little bit. Usually its to take potshots at me and this site and he did it again today by stating that Trinity B “made the best comment and post since this blog existed”. Believe me, if there was a way to ban this fucking douchebag, I would. The new site will definitely give me that capability. We’ll call it the “Hamster Hammer”, or some such name. In the meantime, lets just hope he goes away.

Anyway, here’s the point: As this site grows and makes an even bigger impact on the lives of everyday people trying to prepare for an uncertain future, I can only assure you that there will be more and more AGAs and Disinformation Agents showing up every day. ALL WE CAN DO IS IGNORE THEM. If you make the mistake of engaging them in any way, the threads get hijacked and the level of discourse quickly descends to Yahoo message board level. A serious person with a serious point of view, whether long or short PMs, will always be welcome here and their opinions will always be honored. Assholes who appear simply to start fights do so with the intention of destroying the credibility of this board. Please do not let it happen.

OK, back to business. A serious effort is being made to squeeze the longs in commodities. Tungstenman’s memo regarding Brent crude was just one symptom of this. Always keep in mind the fundos. Have they changed? Is the dollar suddenly rescued? Is the U.S. government now running a surplus? Is the U.S. economy chugging along at 5% GDP growth? Are peace love and stability suddenly breaking out all over the Middle East? Are the TBTF banks all solvent, their loans and CDOs all at par?

Bull markets take breathers. We’re taking one now. Both metals have corrected to their first-level, primary support. I’ll be very surprised if they go much lower.

Relax. Be happy. Have faith.
And, for the love of pete, PLEASE IGNORE THE TROLLS.

p.s. Thought I should add this, too. Watch the USD/JPY very closely for clues.


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