I know this post is going to be controversial. But I am not going to shy away from posting the truth.

I’ll admit it. I am one of those idealistic people who was elated when Barack Obama was elected President. I remember the months of October and November 2008 very clearly. Like many Americans, I was deeply disgusted with the direction of the country under the leadership of George Bush. Clearly, I was idealistic in thinking that Obama could be the man to right the course. If you look at my blog (which I started at the time of the financial meltdown in 2008), you will see how my support for Obama was clearly reflected in my verbal satire and musical parodies.

FAST FORWARD: I don’t have to explain to any of you the words:

“Man how I was wrong.”

My support for the Tele-POTUS has evolved from enthusiasm, to skepticism, to cynicism, to outrage and now disgust.

Last week, in announcing his candidacy for re-election, it was also announced that he was targeting campaign contributions of at least $1 Billion. I thought to myself, the gall of this guy, who do you think is going to provide $1 billion? The unemployed twenty somethings on Facebook and Twitter? The homeless and foreclosed iPad owners? Are they really going to raise $1 billion of microcampaign contributions? Of course not.

As we now know all too painfully, this guy is a simple corporate bagman. Wall Street hems and haws, but they love him deep down. He talked our talk, but he walked their walk. It is plain and simple, he is looking to his pals Warren and Jeff and Jamie to pave the way.

Why shouldn’t they, he has delivered for them and…sold the rest of us down the river.

Which brings me to the controversial segment of this post. A controversy with added poignancy given all the news hubbub about the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Fort Sumter. The phrase “sold down the river” is a modern colloquialism for betrayal. But is has its origins in the American slave trade. To be sold down the river meant to be sold into slavery and separated from your loved ones.

But for me the term has always denoted betrayal. For slaves of Krony Amerikan Kapitalism, the phrase has taken a on an urgent modern dimension, right along with “Yes we Kan.”

Over the weekend, in my mood of frustration and betrayal, I coined the term, “Corporate Uncle Tom”, I am pretty certain I am not a racist or bigot, but to be sure, I ran the phrase past a few of my friends whom I know for certain are not racists or bigots. All of them understood what I was driving at and thought the term was spot on.

Monday, I published the “American Sanzaru” image of the three Krony Monkeys, Geithner, Bernanke and Obama. That image was not intended as a racial slight and is obviously appropo given the policies and denialist behavior of all three of them. However, at least one reader accused me of racism. he also called me a rice eater, which I am.

I already had the images which I am about to share with you posted on twitter. I was getting feedback along the lines of: This may be controversial, but it is true. Take off the gloves because he deserves every lick he gets.

I thought about this for 24 hours, I boned up on the racial connotations of the Uncle Tom story and I looked around to see what the internet chatter looks like.

Take a look at this guy thinks…

Well, I understand what he is angry about.

However, I do not agree that the problem is simply a problem of the white man versus the black man, though metaphorically it may be the case. In truth of fact, there are plenty of people of all colors getting ripped off and betrayed every which way to Sunday by the turncoat elected President in 2008.

Here is what Jon Raymond said on “the writer’s muse.” I agree with his sentiment completely:

“It’s not reasonable that Obama relentlessly plays both ends against the middle. He spews rhetoric to the effect that he is genuinely concerned about the people (and he may well be), while at the same time having been elected by Wall Street, giving them what ever they want at every turn, reneging on health care by ignoring both the public option and single payer (in favor of corporate insurance industry profit), expanding the Bush regime war mongering military industrial complex for eternity, and continuing to support the very corporate criminals, even in his own administration, who brought down the American economy in 2008 and even now continue to implement the very same practices with no reprimand whatsoever.

I’m sorry, but as unnerving, distasteful, immature, and moronic as it may sound, in light of these facts, “uncle tom” is more a compliment than a term of hate or ignorance. I completely identify and agree with the man in the video. He makes perfect sense. I feel his frustration and have no qualms to support his harsh words as his last refuge from the political impotence imposed on our country by this new American corporate oligarchy, which is riding the wave of Obama’s rhetorical subversion of the American people. You are being taken for a ride by this skilled Chicago politician. Wake up and smell the nuclear waste.

By the way, Obama has said (as did FDR I believe) that if the people want him to act on their behalf and not that of private interests, they must MAKE him do so. In other words, before Obama does jack shit, we have to take to the streets (or maybe FaceBook would work) and revolt like there’s never been a revolt before.”

WB7: I am not posting this stuff to explain why I generate the images I do. They are what they are, a reflection of my feelings.

As far as I am concerned, this man has betrayed us. He sold all of us down the same river to the corrupt interests of Wall Street and Krony Amerika.

He may not like to hear it or see it. But from my way of thinking, the Billion Dollar Tele-POTUS has done everything humanly possible to earn the moniker “Corporate Uncle Tom.”



Original Image Published by Carlos Latuff and “Black Commentator”




Mr. President:

I’m sure you realize that for the 2012 Presidential campaign you cannot use the same threadbare rhetoric which helped get you elected in 2008. “Yes, We Can” and “The Audacity of Hope” have lost the power they once held. Young voters, black voters, progressive voters, and swing voters are no longer seduced by them. You need something new. So here are a few suggestions:

“This Time I Mean It” speaks directly to voter concerns about your willingness to fight for the people. “The Other Guy Is Worse Than Me” will no doubt also have a ring of truth to it. Then there’s “Don’t Blame Me—I Voted for McCain.” Those foregoing slogans probably need some fine-tuning, but here’s one I think is perfect for you: “The Audacity of Compromise.”

Well, I’m sure you’ll come up with something. You have to. As it stands, you can no longer count on any of the groups that supported your Presidential bid last time around.

Larry Flynt Publisher.

Hustler Magazine

[Originally published on The Daily Beast 4/12/11]


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