See What Happens When You Go fishing?

Relax. Been there, done that. Let the paper hangers toss their gold in favor of dollars. Buy, buy, buy when they sell , sell, sell. Gold for dollars is a righteous trade I will take any day. Here is Sinclair’s  take:

The Foundation For Gold At $5,000

by Jim Sinclair

Dear CIGAs,

Simply stated, the drop at this time will in retrospect be seen as the foundation for gold trading not at $1650 but rather at $5000.

Armstrong was right and wrong. He looked for a reaction in gold at a time it would not happen, to a price that simply did not and will not occur.

He is absolutely right that as June approaches this type of action is the foundational proof of a major move in gold coming out of June and continuing with the normal drama into 2015.


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