PHYS and PSLV – 11 May

The real gold bullion fund put in a swing high that now confirms a shot term downtrend is now in place, defined by a lower high and a lower low. Support is currently being found at the 50 day moving average (blue) at 12.85. Resistance is the last swing high made yesterday at 13.18. further support comes from the 100 day MA and the Bollinger band around 12.46. The last swing low appears to set at even stronger support at 12.40. The trading zone looks to be defined now as the one we had before the breakout, between 12.40 and 13..18.

The real silver bullion fund also confirmed a downtrend by putting a lower high to go with its lower low. Support is coming from the 100 day MA, currently at 15.60. Additional support comes in at 15 where the Bollinger bands is and where the last swing low was made. Resistance is the high of yesterday at 17.81. I would not be surprised to see a trading zone established between 17.81 and 15.0.

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