Silver Extraordinarily Tight?

For new readers who are just dipping their toes in the water, please understand that I believe in gold, specifically Freegold. With that said, I post a lot of silver content because I am also a trader. Traders love volatility. Silver is volatile. Therefore traders love silver. Understand that traders and investors are two different animals. Investors are concerned with long term trend, traders focus on shorter time frames. gold is the ultimate investment, silver is all about short term opportunity.  I rotated some spec money today into silver from gold, not because I don’t believe gold is the place to be, it is just I see an opportunity to make a month’s worth of wages in a few days. I see a shot, I take it.

The beautiful thing with silver and gold is that you can be wrong and still be right. Gold and silver are going much much higher. Do your reading, study, and get with the program.


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