Nuts, Not Today

I really am looking forward to Turd’s new site and encourage all my readers to visit his site or feed from it.

Nuts, Not Today

I really, really wanted to open the new site this afternoon but I just got off the phone with my web developers and, unfortunately, there are still several kinks/bugs that need to be worked out. They’ve promised me, however, that we are a GO for Monday launch. Thank you for your patience.

I had sincerely hoped for a launch today, mainly because of this:
Amazingly, calling a bottom and then having gold move from 1315 to 1577 is not enough for some people. I’ve got an idea…if you don’t like it, you can kiss my sweet, hairy…
Oh, how I wanted to open today. Just to piss off the tiny little whiners on that Kitco board and elsewhere. I sure would have liked to have poked them a bit. Maybe ruin their weekend. Darn it all.

Believe me, I would be glad to quit today and go away. Writing 2-3 witty, insightful and interesting blog posts per day is far more challenging than you might think. Extremely time consuming, too. But over the past three months or so, the response from Turdites requesting me to keep the site going has been overwhelming. I’ve also noticed that the world needs this site far more than I do. Look around, there are no PM-dedicated sites available today that provides the user with quality, non-biased information. None.

Well, there’s about to be one…come Monday.
See you then. TF




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