I have been in this guys shoes regarding the one-sided anti-father legal system. It is as bad as he makes it out to be. I have lost 3 children to their mothers and to liberal courts who believe children are better off without dads. This man’s desperation was turned inward, but often this type of thing boils out of control and murder is the result. What do we see? A depraved murderer or a desperate man pushed beyond the edge? The answer is that it isn’t all or nothing, one or the other. There is a message there.

THIS STORY NEEDS TO BE SPREAD BY THE ALTERNATE TRUTH TELLING MEDIA. THE GOVERNMENT/CORPORATE MSM IS MISSING IN ACTION. Suicide by Self-Immolation in Keene – Confirmed June 15, 2011 by Ian Freeman Filed under: Copwatch, News, Personal Freedom, Police, Video Keene Police were not giving out much info, but there is a dead body out […]

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