Armstrong Biography

I have followed Martin Armstrong and his unconstitutional imprisonment for many years. When someone inquires about Martin’s history, it is difficult to relate all that has happened to him and not leave something out. Martin has released a biography that fully fleshes out the timeline of his life both prior to the contempt imprisonment and during. So many want to dismiss this man’s work because he is was in Federal prison, therefore must be guilty. The fact is that no crime was ever committed. The alleged victims agree, and the government agrees. Yet this man served over ten years in prison. 

You do not have to read this bio to understand the Economic Confidence Model. You should read this bio to understand that freedom is an illusion in this country and your rights do not exist if the government desires to withhold them. There is no recourse and your life can be literally stolen from you at any time. You should read this bio if you think a person in jail must be guilty and therefore cannot have any credibility whatsoever, let alone in the field of economics.

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