Dan Norcini: Monthly Gold Chart with some Price Projection levels

Monthly Gold Chart with some Price Projection levels

by Trader Dan

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Gold has shown continued strength going into the Asian session this evening. In the process of so doing, it has reached the upper limits of the pitchfork extensions shown on the chart. I have chosen the monthly upon which to do some analysis so as to get the long term picture and point out several things which merit mentioning.

Notice that the dark green center line has acted as the upper boundary for the entire move since the reaction that occured in the gold price in late 2009, early 2010. All subsequent rallies met this line and held below it until this month when price exploded through the center line alerting that the trend higher in gold was now accelerating.

The three red outer lines and the single blue outer lines are projected levels where we can expect to see some resistance form. Thus far the two red lines nearest to the center have failed to cap the price rise. We are currently trading right on the outer 3rd red line of the upper set which this month passes through the $1925 – $1935 level. Beyond that is a blue line which this month comes in near the $1950 – $1960 level.

What we are attempting to do is to project levels at which we might expect some selling to occur and a potential reaction in price to take place. There is nothing set in stone which states that these levels must produce selling. They are merely given as POTENTIAL areas of selling resistance. Should the market blow through these levels, then we will have to resort to other methods to anticipate some potential inflection points.

For now, traders can monitor price action near these levels and trade accordingly.

Should we actually get a turn lower in price, any subsequent retracement should find buying support at each of the upsloping colored lines on the way down. The dark green center line should hold any retracement if the market is going to continue with a strong and sharp advance. Thus gold could move lower to the tune of $150 – $170  from current levels and still be very strong on the chart. If such an event were to occur, the bulls would like to see the price then hug that same green center line as it forms its low and bounce upward off of that level as the overall trend continues to the upside with a bit less steep of a price advance.

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