Over 46 Million Americans On Foodstamps For The First Time Ever

Remember, this isn’t a depression. It is simply another run of the mill recession. Yeah right. Had a pilot post on my airline union web board that airline capacity is supposed to double in the next decade. Yeah right. Who will be buying the airline tickets? Not the 46 million on food stamps. Wake the Fuck up! Snap out of it!

Over 46 Million Americans On Foodstamps For The First Time Ever

by Tyler Durden

While the capital markets may be cheering that in the past month 120,000 people supposedly found jobs, even if these were largely temporary or part-time just in time for the year end shopping sprees, we wonder how they will react when learning that according to the latest update from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), some 423,000 Americans found their way to minimum way subsistence, courtesy of Food Stamp handouts from Uncle Sam. Since the start of the Second Great Depression, food stamp participation has increased by 18.7 million, and is now at an all time higher 46.3 million. All Bush’s fault, or something. At least the chart below appears to be plateauing… Actually, sorry, no isn’t.

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