Dan Norcini: Gold loses battle for $1750- needs to push through $1765

Gold loses battle for $1750- needs to push through $1765

by Trader Dan

The failure by Ol’ Yeller to extend past $1750 has tripped some of the shorter term technical indicators into a sell mode. As you can from looking at the blue downtrend line, Gold cannot seem to extend past this line. The positive is that it is also holding the uptrending red support line with the result being a tightening pattern or almost a type of coil that is forming.

Gold bulls need to watch this carefully as a failure to hold above $1650 will send the metal very quickly towards the $1600 level where it must find active buying to prevent a deeper setback in price which could potentially take it first towards $1550 and even towards the $1500 level should it fail to hold there.

A push back through $1765 turns the chart pattern friendly with only a closing push through $1800 allowing for the resumption of a strong uptrending pattern and a test of the all time high.

All eyes in gold are on Europe for the time being as its fortunes are tied to developments there. If the European ministers meeting in Brussels this coming Friday come up with a plan that assuages fears of investors/traders in regards to the sovereign debt crisis there, gold should extend to the upside as the market will move towards the risk trades again. If they disappoint, gold is going to be fighting some very strong headwinds as the Dollar will rally and possibly take out strong resistance near the 80 level on the USDX.

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