FOFOA RPG-Freegold PDFs for Offline Browsing

Here are some PDF files containing numerous FOFOA posts that can be read on an iPad, laptop, or Kindle without logging onto the internet.

**New Addition 02/16/15**

The entire FOFOA blog in one .epub formatted file!

**New Addition 11/16/13**

2 new additions. Both are found in the USAGold Forum Hall of Fame and were written by Aristotle. A Very Special Gold and Monetary Discussion, Gold & Money: More Than Meets the Eye

**New Addition 8/23/13**

FOFOA: My Candid View. This is the entire 10 post series where FOFOA offers his candid view on Freegold. This may be the closest thing to a Freegold summary from FOFOA himself!

**New Addition 2/20/13**

Aquilus & Matrix Freegold 101: An Introduction. If you find yourself intimidated by the huge 4 year plus FOFOA blog archive and do not know where to start, this series of articles may be for you. It will give you a good base to build on and will enable you to be fluent in the concepts of Freegold.

**New Addition 2/14/13**

The FOFOA 2010 Compendium has been updated with the inclusion of 11 Feb, 2013 Think Like a Giant 2. It is inserted following It’s the Flow, Stupid and The Flow Addendum and expands on the concepts of those two posts.

**New Addition 02/13/13**

Indenture’s Reading List. This is a PDF file of some popular FOFOA articles that Indenture uses to introduce newcomers to Freegold.

**Latest Addition 12/26/12**

Now PDFs for FOFOA’s 2012 Christmas present, After (Thoughts!) These are Another’s and FOA’s comments, in chronological order, that followed Another (Thoughts!) The five individual Word document links on the FOFOA blog are presented here in PDF format utilizing two links, one includes the first 2 Word docs, the second the other 3 Word docs. Enjoy!

**Recent Addition**

Now I have compiled the Another/FOA Archives into a single Another/FOA Compendium

Blondie’s Freegold Summary is an excellent introduction to the concept and can get you into the proper frame of mind to jump in and go deeper. Victor The Cleaner’s The Many Values of Gold is also an excellent summary of the Freegold concept. JR’s Suggested RPG-Freegold Reading List contains all the more recent major articles posts that flesh out the concept. The 2008-2012 Compendiums have all the blog posts for the respective year. The FOFOA Diagrams are very useful when discussing the mechanics of credit flow and debt, or describing the structure of the new money paradigm we will soon see replace our current busted system.

All PDFs represent the posts that exist at this time. Obviously more content will be added in the future and all the reading lists with the exception of the compendiums will become dated. I will add content to this page as it becomes necessary.

So take FOFOA with you wherever you go and catch up on your reading!

The entire FOFOA blog in .epub format:

Unzipped: /#!CUMQhQ7b!qLPS2P1U9_bHP1qRZWgcxSdoezI9B5afmvbWaaXuvFA


– The password for the zip is: fofoablog2008-2015

Triffin 1978: The International Role and Fate of the Dollar

2014 FOFOA Compendium


Aristotle: A Very Special Gold and Monetary Discussion

Aristotle: Gold & Money More Than Meets the Eye

FOFOA: My Candid View

Aquilus & Matrix Freegold 101- An Introduction

Another/FOA Compendium



2014 FOFOA Compendium

2013 FOFOA Compendium

2012 FOFOA Compendium

2011 FOFOA Compendium

2011 FOFOA Compendium Kindle Version

2010 FOFOA Compendium

2010 FOFOA Compendium Kindle Version

2009 FOFOA Compendium

2009 FOFOA Compendium Kindle Version

2008 FOFOA Compendium

2008 FOFOA Compendium Kindle Version

Indenture’s Reading List

JR’s Suggested RPG- Freegold Reading List

Blondie’s Freegold Summary

Victor The Cleaner’s The Many Values Of Gold

FOFOA Diagrams

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15 Responses to FOFOA RPG-Freegold PDFs for Offline Browsing

  1. Motley Fool says:

    Would you consider making 2009 and 2008 compendiums too please? 😛

    • MatrixSentry says:

      Working on the 2008 and 2009 compendiums. Check the link this next week.

      • Motley Fool says:

        My thanks.


        Were you contemplating doing similar compendiums that include the comments? 😛

        There is, in my opinion, a lot of value on the comments. It may be something to consider.


      • MatrixSentry says:

        Greetings and salutations MF!

        I have consider it, and it would be an impressive project to go back and catalog the entire blog. Maybe too impressive! However I have been thinking about starting with 2012 and perhaps working backwards to see how it goes.

        Would you find it useful for the comments to be essentially attached to the post within the yearly compendium, or have a separate comments compendium?

      • Motley Fool says:


        Attached to the posts in the compendium. From recollection the first year or so has fairly few comments, and also the better ones. 😛

        Since the resulting documents would be so large, perhaps consideration could be giving to doing a month by month compendium.


  2. Pete says:

    Thanks so much for posting this MatrixSentry, you’re the best!

    I was thinking that perhaps one day I will wish that I saved all the FOFOA stuff, because you never know what might get taken ‘off-air’ if someone gets upset, and perhaps when FreeGold gets here it’ll be a story to tell my kids.

    So it’s nice to have some saveable archives, cheers 🙂

    • MatrixSentry says:

      I am glad you like them. I have finally got the format correct! I was very frustrated that the hyperlinks did not work in the original versions. I have to really plug OpenOffice, it did a great job converting a document format to PDF. I will be working on the Kindle versions next.

  3. Replying to your tweet, the function I am missing is to search for user ‘costata’ and keyword ‘silver’, say. When I use google, I get all _pages_ that contain both words. What I am interested in is all posts by costata that contain the term ‘silver’.
    You’ll be the hero if you can make that work!

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  5. Dave dot Gold says:

    Great work MS and many thanks. A very tangible contribution to mankind!!

    I rushed out and bought a Kindle (Touch) and copied all the pdfs, only to find I can’t read them because they are too tiny and I can’t figure out how to enlarge them.
    You mention the Kindle version above. More details please. When might the first versions become available?

    Thanks – Dave dot Gold

    • MatrixSentry says:


      I changed format on the word files and when I did the Kindle versions were not compatible. So I have to recreate the wheel and it will take a little time. I am working on them and will post them as soon as I can. Sorry for the inconvenience 😦

    • MatrixSentry says:

      I have the 2012 Kindle version posted. Try it out and let me know if the font is big enough to be read easily on the Kindle. I will wait on 2011 until you get back to me.

  6. Dave dot Gold says:

    Thanks MS. I tried the 2012 Kindle version and it works fine for me. It is easily readable, and I can navigate by Page No.

    Thanks for all your good work.
    Regards – Dave dot Gold

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