Zerohedge: Chart Of The Day: By 2109 Everything Will Be “Sustainable”

This is the very nature of MOPE (management of perceptions economics), repetition. Repeat over and over what you want people to hear, not what they need to hear. That way everything works until the day it doesn’t. Then it is of course too late for the Sheeple to make the decisions they should have been making all along. Then the MOPErs will be out front then telling us what we need to know as if it was always self-evident. This will save them the unfortunate fate of being hung from the nearest tree. Don’t fall for it.

Chart Of The Day: By 2109 Everything Will Be “Sustainable”

by Tyler Durden

Long-time readers of Zero Hedge know that the application of Birinyi’s ruler to any trend (traditionally the market, but anything works – after all extrapolating the future courtesy of a few data points is the new killing it) has long been a “favorite” topic of ours. So is media spin in the form of certain “hit” keywords, such as “transitory“, “better than expected“, and of course “sustainable.” Which is why were are delighted when we can combine both concepts into one post, or in this case, chart, which today comes courtesy of, which plot the incidence of the word “sustainable” in English text, and comes up with some amusing predictions, such as that by the year 2109, at current trends, every sentence in the English language will consist solely of the world “sustainable” used over and over.


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