Are you buying?

You should be, physical gold that is. Why? Take a look at what has happened after the last 2 major corrections in paper gold. Following the steep correction in 2006, price went up 42% as measured from the highest price prior to the correction. The steep sell off in the entire year of 2008 was followed by a gain of 92%. This sell off will end just as the others did and price will once again climb to new highs. How do I know this? Because the fundamental drivers of this chart remain fully intact. In fact, the drivers are are intensifying. Government spending, Fed printing, and debt (private and public) continues to grow. What will be the next percentage gain be before another steep correction? 200% maybe. Why not? We are talking about an exponential function here, look at the shape of the trend. It is not linear. Debt is not linear.

Buy and hold physical gold. Strap in and prepare for the onset of high G force as this sucker goes ballistic. I am a buyer with cash here. I am a buyer with credit at 1600 and below.

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