Jesse’s Café Américain: Gold Bull’s Long Term Trendline – The Indispensable Chart

Understand the top callers have been trumpeting nonsense since the beginning of this trend. Understand the technicians are largely scope locked on the shortest time scales. Understand that fundamentals drive technicals, not the other way around. Understand the fundamental story for gold only strengthens with each passing month. Understand this chart represents paper + physical gold supply and the physical only chart remains hidden. That chart has a similar shape, only the Y axis index numbers are multiples of the chart shown.

Finally, understand the chart below will lose favor when a waterfall develops that signals the emergence of Freegold. The physical only chart will then come out hiding. Don’t trade the chart below, buy and hold the physical only chart.


Jesse’s Café Américain

“We are God’s children now; what we shall become has not yet been revealed. We do know that when all is revealed we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is.” 1 Jn 3:2

28 April 2012

Gold Bull’s Long Term Trendline – The Indispensable Chart

Although they cannot resist its inevitable climb because of the changes in the global monetary system and the ongoing currency wars, the Western central banks wish the increase in the price of gold to remain ‘orderly.’

And so it is.


Thanks to my friend Nick Laird at

Nick has one of the most amazing collections of charts on the web.
Browsing his historical monetary and financial charts is a good way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Jesse at 8:45 PM

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2 Responses to Jesse’s Café Américain: Gold Bull’s Long Term Trendline – The Indispensable Chart

  1. Daniel says:

    How long do you think gold-in-size has traded at a much higher price?
    Do you think it would be possible to keep this secret?
    Not one whistle blower all these years? Seems implausible, no?

    • MatrixSentry says:

      Don’t misunderstand what I am saying. There is a physical only price for gold, where physical ounces of gold are unencumbered by “virtual” paper ounces that dilute supply. This price is yet to be discovered in a market that does not currently exist.

      However, Bernanke and others know quite certainly what this market price will be and they value it as such. Why do you think central banks even bother with gold at $1650 an ounce? They understand the value of their gold is not what their currency says it is.

      I’m saying that it makes more sense to buy the real physical only chart that currently exists only in potential. Abandon the trade of virtual gold ounces seen on the chart the world uses. That chart has a lifespan that is coming to an end. The physical only gold chart will be born soon enough and it will tell you what real value exists today in your gold.

      Be patient and understand that you live in a strange universe where the virtual is considered real and the real is only imagined in potential. The state of your universe is unnatural and unsustainable. It will come back into agreement with the laws of nature and reality. You should endeavor to front run this certain eventuality.

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