Watch Bill Gates Stutter Like a Moron on Gold

Posted on May 7, 2012 by Michael Krieger

You know the system is in trouble when it rolls out every multi-billionaire status quo gatekeeper to appear on CNBC and regurgitate the same trite propaganda lines to scare people away from protecting their financial well being via the one asset that has proven timeless and portable for thousands of years. What the sheeple still cannot get through their minds thanks to constant misdirection from people such as Bill Gates “being on the same page” as Buffett and Charlie “only Jews about to be gassed should buy gold” Munger on the subject of precious metals is that government can and will steal your money and assets when they are backed into a corner. While you can’t sow your E*TRADE account or steel plant into your garments you can with gold.

Billy Gates’ comments on gold are so ridiculous only a caveman could believe them. He uses a lot of fear tactics in the brief commentary. He uses the tried and true what if the “IMF and Central Banks start selling” line. This is hilarious because it is only very recently that Central Banks have been net buyers of gold after decades of selling. Furthermore, the emerging market Central Banks, especially China, have merely 1%-5% of their FX reserves in gold (no one knows the exact number) so they will take every ounce the Western Central Banks are stupid enough to put up for sale. He implies that Central Banks could sell gold because it does “nothing for its citizens.” A more ridiculous statement has never been uttered. First of all why would these sophisticated financial wizards running these institutions hold gold in the first place? Why would Nixon close the gold window in 1971 to prevent the loss of more U.S. gold if gold doesn’t matter? Why would all the up and coming economies be buying it and why are some of the smartest investors in the world buying physical gold? Gates is trying to imply these investors are all stupid, mentally weak individuals. Finally, as if what these governments are doing at the moment is good for their citizens?! Yeah, just look at the skyrocketing suicide rate in Greece for your proof. I’m sorry the best thing a government can do is to hold as much gold as possible for its citizens so they have a chance to start over once this house of cards implodes publicly.

He also states that once people want to sell “there is no floor.” I mean come on man. Gold is the only currency that has survived purchasing power intact since the ancient Egyptians. The worst part about him saying all this publicly is that he is actively discouraging the sheeple who actually listen to him from protecting themselves. That is morally repugnant.

  1. Kill Bill says:


    And so does the Microsloth Winblows © operating system

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    8th May 2012 at 3:10 pm

  2. ragman says:

    How did these toads get to be billionaires? Buffett hasn’t been right in years, Munger is a senile old douchebag and Gates thinks we have too many people on earth. Ragman to Gates: start with the euthanization of yourself and your family to begin the process of de-humanizing the earf. Assholes.

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    8th May 2012 at 3:19 pm

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