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I am a full time student of Knowledge and a part time airline pilot. I backed in to my position as a “Sentry” while pursuing discipline in Technical Analysis. My chosen market happened to be precious metals, and in an effort to place my technical work in some perspective, I studied fundamentals of the market extensively. The result of this work led me into the fields of monetary science, macroeconomics, and classical economic theory. I inadvertently took the “red pill” and now see the Matrix for what it is, a tool to pacify and enslave. My mission is to help awaken others to reality.

Like most people who end up with their own blog, I have become overwhelmed with the job of managing information. I subscribe to numerous feeds and literally swim as hard as I can just to stay up to date. Many people I know have asked about where I source my news and commentary and it becomes an awkward, unwieldy experience trying to encapsulate a cogent reply. So this blog is my attempt to point people to a single place where information I follow flows. My blog list is very extensive and I have tried to whittle it down substantially. I am also on the prowl for more blogs, therefore all recommendations will be highly valued! I have daily feed straight to this site some of my favorite content. Daily review of Mish Shedlock, Nathan Martin, Jim Sinclair, GATA, and Martin Armstrong are essential IMO and will be posted here. Also, I endeavor to provide weekly Technical Analysis of Gold, Silver, US Dollar, and select markets. I hope to provide some with an exposure to technical analysis, and at the same time hone my own skills. Also, I will be adding commentary to the daily feeds from other sources. In time, this will be the primary focus of my blog as frequent visitors will channel feeds appearing here directly to their own sites and will come here for either analysis or commentary. I hope you find some utility here and it serves you well out there in the Matrix.

Ron Mullis

18 Responses to About Me

  1. Helen Loughrey says:

    Hi Ron,
    Great blog! Since you asked, here’s another website that I can’t go without reading everyday. I know what you mean about swimming upstream. There is so much accurate financial information to slog through if you know where to find it. Yet we know what will be said: “Nobody could have foreseen….”
    Well, they did foresee it at many of your links and at http://www.theautomaticearth.blogspot.com
    Helen [Max’s friend]

    • MatrixSentry says:

      Thanks Helen, I have read a few things lately from Automatic Earth. I will definitely begin tracking them on a regular basis. Thanks again for the interest and keep passing the word. We are approaching a nexus point where real change is coming. It is my hope that that awareness levels will dictate a ground up change that will fundamentally alter this country for the better.

  2. azlibertarian says:

    Hi, Ron,
    Randy here….
    I hope I was remembering things right with that reference to AirTran over on That-Forum-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named. I thought it was you who had predicted their demise. If not, then my apologies.

    FWIW, I recently moved out of my GLD long positions. I’ve been a very-amateur Elliott Wave guy for a while, and my modeling says that it is about ready to turn over. That, coupled with the long-held worry that GLD has over-lent their gold, and I’m more comfortable being out than in. I did keep my 124 Dec Puts though–which I’d had married to my long positions….maybe it’ll fall through 124 by then….I dunno.

    My dad recently passed away, and in addition to my meager physical gold, I’ll be receiving a quarter of his physical (as well as some silver) when we start to settle his trust. My dad–conservative in every sense of the word, and with nothing more than a high-school education–has left my step-mom, brother and I more comfortable than I deserve.

    Best, Randy

    • MatrixSentry says:


      Yes, you remembered it right. Airtran was popping up on some screens as “liquidity challenged” and I remarked to someone, who was thinking Airtran was the cats meow, that they were in dire straits. I said the best case scenario for them would be to muddle through and then be acquired. Worst case, they would liquidate and be parted out.

      Wise move getting out of GLD. The problem is that they do not have control of the bullion that they claim. They have exposure to unallocated bullion and nobody knows the true extent of the exposure. GLD will function normally until the paper market of the LBMA and the Comex fails, then all bets are off. The LBMA is currently experiencing bullion raids and it is only a matter of time when they go down. When it happens, it will be violent and literally overnight. I fear for those who wait one day too many to bail, believing they will have sufficient warning.

      Sorry to hear about your dad, he sounds like a throwback to the generation before and did not buy in to the consumption and debt mindset. Your children will no doubt view you in the same manner and hopefully they will be splitting your saved wealth in a similar fashion when you move on.


  3. Paul Malanowski says:

    I just found your blog! Congrats to a nice site! I work not too far from you…. 767ERB…ust wondering what you would suggust I put my $ in. As you know the brokeragelink is available to me for the DC and 401 plans. I recently ran into a local financial guy who said he would bet his life on the DOW being around 3000 by Aug. I don’t have a bunch of $ but I don’t want to loose what I have. I know you are careful on what advice to give but I am asking your opinion on where to put around $400K. Can you give me some specifics where to invest. Thanks, Paul

    • MatrixSentry says:


      I cannot give specific investment advice because I am not a licensed securities broker. For me to do so may be construed as a contractual commitment, subject to securities law. With that said, I can provide commentary and opinion on a wide variety of matters, including specific investment ideas and concepts. It is up to any reader to understand that my views and commentary are for educational purposes and are not specific to any one individual. I do not manage any money other than my own personal portfolio.

      With that out of the way, it is rather obvious that I invest in a very specific way and that way can be determined from my blog. My daily commentary pertains to gold and silver, and to some extent the negative stance of the dollar and the Federal Reserve. I can give you a menu of the possibilities that represent what I look at.

      As far as predictions go on the Dow or any other index, bonds, or precious metal prices, it would be impossible and counter-productive because the definition must established as to whether we are talking about notional or real value. Also, the time element must be specified for the prediction to have meaning. For instance, I personally believe we will see a Dow that represents 3000 in real terms, but the index may be 40,000 or 2,000,000. The value of the dollar would be substantially lower in that case and would provide a real valuation relative to 3000 in today’s terms. This could happen next week, next month, or 2 years from now.

      What I can say for sure is that our present system of debt based fiat (non-intrinsic value) monetary system consisting of the Fed and fractional reserve banking is going to fail, period. It has to. The mathematics of debt is inescapable. During a default, whether by deflation or inflation, the value of the currency seeks its intrinsic value, in our case the value of a piece of paper/cloth. Or the Intrinsic value of an electronic digit, essentially $0. The key word is seeks, it may never reach 0, but it will try. When the dollar is replaced with a “new” dollar based upon a new set of reserve banking rules, the old dollar will be worth $0. In that sense, our current dollar will join every other fiat currency that has ever existed in the graveyard of history.

      Gold and silver have been money for thousands of years and has survived where fiat currencies have all gone into the graveyard. My assertion is that this will continue to be true in the future. Therefore, I choose to store my wealth in a surviving form of money rather than a currency that will die. Although my holdings are denominated in dollars, as a unit of account, those units represent real ounces of real metal. I do not hold any non-precious metal stocks or bonds because they do not represent anything real. A bond is nothing more than a commitment to repay a debt. A stock is nothing more than a share of ownership in a public corporation. Both can seek an intrinsic value of $0 upon default of a counter-party. Since a failure of our debt based system is inevitable, that means default is inevitable on a large percentage of the existing global debt structure. Non-precious metal stocks and bonds will be decimated.

      So it is clear what choices remain when disqualifying investments that have counter-party default risk.

      1. Physical Gold and Silver
      2. Precious metal mining stocks
      3. Tangible assets (anything that has intrinsic value, such as land, commodities, etc.)

      Mining stocks provide leverage along with additional risk. There is counter-party risk in that poor management can render the company insolvent and therefore your shares worthless. A well managed company will leverage any gain of the underlying metal.

      Physical gold will retain the value of your savings, and initially may provide a real return as the world converts to system where gold is officially a reserve asset that backs currency. Silver will do the same but offers leverage to gold because it is so dramatically mispriced to the low side. But, with leverage comes volatility and trading risk. The key with both of these metals is 1.) they have intrinsic value and will never be worth $0 and 2.) they have been a basis for currency for thousands of years and only recently been relegated to mere commodity by the emergence of floating currencies against a paper dollar world reserve currency.

      Land, commodities and tangible assets will always have value because they are needed for human survival.

      Our retirement options narrow the options available somewhat. Whenever an asset is not in your hands under your direct control, you have some degree of counter-party risk. Therefore, regardless of how you allocate your portfolio, counter-party risk will be present. This risk could come from management of a company you own shares in, or from the government itself changing the rules regarding our retirement accounts or changing the law regarding private ownership of gold and silver. I am not suggesting that this will happen, I am saying it is possible. So, I believe one must minimize counter-party risk during a period of widespread and systemic failure.

      I choose to invest my money in physical bullion, both gold and silver. Silver offers volatility and “spice” to my portfolio. When choosing bullion one must be sure that the investment is in fully allocated bullion, rather than un-allocated bullion. Un-allocated bullion is often referred to as “paper” gold or silver. This is because it is quite literally a paper commitment to deliver the gold or silver upon request, an IOU. The custodian of the gold or silver in this case is free to do what he pleases with the bullion when it is in his possession. Therefore you are counting on his continued solvency in order to provide your metal. Allocated funds on the other hand are not free to do anything with your gold and silver. They cannot loan to other people or use it any fashion as collateral for any financial transaction. They must segregate it away from all other un-allocated assets and storehouse it, period. Your only counter-party risk is the government itself arbitrarily changing the rules on you.

      The only allocated gold and silver funds I use are:

      PHYS – Sprott’s Physical Gold Trust
      PSLV – Sprott’s Physical Silver Trust
      CEF – Central fund of Canada

      They invest 100% in bullion and it is stored and inventoried at the Royal Canadian Mint.

      GLD and SLV are ETFs and are exposed to un-allocated “paper” metal. Both of these funds will go away, along with there share value when they are exposed as holders of paper as well as bullion. So beware. They can be used for very short term trades if you know what you are doing. A buy and hold strategy is death sentence with these.

      Quality miners are not hard to find. Do your own diligence there. I cannot in good conscience recommend anything here because of the inherent risk. This type of investment is valid but you must due considerable due diligence and follow through with constant oversight. A trader can do very well here with knowledge and the ability to manage entries, exits and risk.

      On my site, I track Spot gold and Silver, PHYS and PSLV.

      None of the above is investment advice. This is how I see things and how I invest.

      Hope this helps.

      Read books linked on my blog:

      The Creature from Jekyll Island
      The Case Against the Fed
      The Mystery of Banking
      The Ascent of Money
      Gold the once and future money

      Study Damon Vrabel’s Renaissance 2.0

      Watch The Secret of Oz by Bill Still

      Read and understand the Freegold concept discussed by FOFOA

      All of the above can be found linked at my blog.

      Then revisit this email and make an informed decision as to your allocation of funds.

      Ron Mullis

  4. Hi, Ron,
    You OK with that Wallow Fire? IIRC, your place is off the grid out by Heber or something. Maybe I have that wrong. I forget.
    We’ve got our fingers crossed tonight regarding our lot in Greer. Greer Valley is pretty indefensible from a fire, and especially one this big. Once the fire drops into the valley, it’ll sweep south-to-north, and they won’t be able to stop it. With one road in, the firefighters have no choice but to retreat.

    • MatrixSentry says:

      Hey Randy,

      Ya I am good. My place is outside of Valle, just north of Flagstaff. My dad was working as a camp supervisor up at Big Lake, just outside of Springerville. He had to evacuate along with everyone in Springerville and Heber. It is a damn shame, that area is beautiful and has some of the best trout fishing in Arizona. That is the worst thing about the mountains of Arizona, wildfires!

  5. You’re right, it is a damn shame.
    My wife is about the strongest woman I’ve ever met, and she’s been in tears on-and-off for days now. She even went out for a little “retail therapy” yesterday, which is totally not like her. I keep telling her that we’re all safe, and thankfully, don’t actually have a cabin yet that will burn….just a lot full of trees. But she’s having a hard time letting the dream go. Ironically, now that my youngest kid is out of school (and employed!), we were running out of excuses for not building yet, and had begun to think about getting this thing started. For the moment, I’m going to remain “neutrally optimistic” and hope that the northeasterly winds will at least keep it from our side of the valley (western side). They’re talking about bringing in a 747 tanker to try to protect Eager/Springerville, and if I weren’t so invested in the area, that might be a fun thing to watch. As it is, it’s not that fun right now. But this is one of those things that you can’t control, and so there’s not much point in fussing about it. It’ll either burn, or it won’t.

    The media is about a day or so behind the event, as far as I can tell. If you’re interested, you can follow the incident here http://inciweb.org/incident/2262/ and this website http://activefiremaps.fs.fed.us/googleearth.php will let you use Google Earth to sorta watch the progression. I’ve been clicking on Large Incidents>Current, and navigating over the fire, and then you can zoom right in. If you can find the Greer Lakes on the north end of the valley, and you zoom in close enough, you’ll see a link to a picture of somebody’s pop-up trailer in the Hoyer campground just west of the lakes. Our place is right in the middle of the loop road formation west of that link. Its about .8 miles from our lot to those lakes.

    Before he passed away, my dad gave my son his little 12′ fishing boat, and the only time we’ve had it in the water in Arizona is at Big Lake. I’m sorry to see that place go too. It’ll all spring back soon enough, but it’ll take a good number of years. Maybe trout next year.

    • MatrixSentry says:

      Thanks for the update. Sorry to hear you are in the the thick of it there, just hang in and BE SAFE! Nature is doing its thing and indeed she will bounce back and better than ever. I would however like to whip the ass of the the idiot who did not take care of his campfire. The criminal sonofabitch has threatened a great many people, their property, and of course both the Indian’s land and our public land.

      I was up on the Rim a few weeks back and was pleasantly surprised to see that area has bounced back after the big fires. It was painful to look at for awhile there. In another 5 or 6 years it will be mostly healed.

      Tell your wife to keep her chin up!

  6. Hello Ron,
    I was lucky enough to fly next to Mark Jacks (Jax) a fellow pilot, we had a great conversation together with our flight from Detroit to Salt Lake City. I too am a fellow Private Pilot and always respect the intelligence and discipline of pilots at your level. I have many military pilot friends and for the same reason appreciate their work.

    You might want to look at some of the information Bob Chapman and http://www.internationalforecaster.com is recommending. Bob lays down some points that are really valid.

    I think your blog is fantastic and hope you keep up the good work and continue to influence us fellow pilots on the reality facing us. God Bless you and all you do! Your new fan. Craig Jones

    • MatrixSentry says:


      Thank you for the kind words and I am glad you like the blog. I started it as a clearing house for information and it has grown into a passion for me. It has also kept me going forward and spurred me to learn more and avoid complacency. Please feel free to add your comments and suggestions. We are on a journey and it is gratifying to me that we are do not have to travel alone.

  7. Novista says:

    G’day, Ron
    I just had to check on who picked up my Money in America, 1 & 2. A first for me (that I know of), thanks. Good site here, lots of info.
    Best regards,

  8. Sicilian Gold says:

    Hey Ron,

    I have a very quick question. On FOFOA’s comment board you wrote:

    “Victor the Cleaner (Thanks!) sent me a reference to a few very early posts that pre-date Another (THOUGHTS!). I updated the compendium with these posts and they link to VTC’s blog with other posts, including those of Big Trader.”

    Could you please point me in the right direction as to where these early pre-Another posts are located?


    Sicilian Gold

    • MatrixSentry says:


      Sure. Go to my blog home page and on the right you will see a link for FOFOA Yearly Compendiums. That link will take you to the a page that will have a link to Another/FOA Compendium. When you hit that link a PDF file will open. Go to the Table of Contents and select Anpther (Pre-THOUGHTS), or simply scroll down to page 2.


  9. Sharon says:

    Hi Ron,
    I saw a post you made a while back at FOFOA’s blog that you have a self-directed IRA with checkbook control. I am looking to do the same thing. Would you mind sharing the name of the company you used to set this up? When I google self-directed IRA I see a lot of companies, but it would be nice to have a recommendation. Thanks in advance, and also thanks for the FOFOA compendiums you have put together. They have come in handy and I appreciate your generosity in sharing them.


    • MatrixSentry says:


      I used IRA Financial Group. They delivered the product that they advertised and did it in the time they promised. I had a good experience with them.

      I am glad you enjoyed the PDFs. I read them pretty much daily. RTFB and RRTFB! It pays big dividends.

      Good luck!

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