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FOFOA: Peak Exorbitant Privilege

New post time at the FOFOA blog. It’s like Christmas, only it happens multiple times a year! It’s like the last day of school or getting your income tax refund every month instead of once a year. This post tells … Continue reading

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Financial Death Insurance: Get some!

I wrote the following for my fellow colleagues at the place of my employment. It applies to everyone else just as well. Think its too late to acquire physical gold? Do you think that you can never get enough to … Continue reading

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Jim Sinclair: The Terminal Beginning Of The Western Financial World

The pace of disintegration of the US Dollar international monetary financial system is quickening. Understand that there is no stopping it now and gold will assume its natural role on the balance sheets of both central banks and the individual … Continue reading

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A Freegold Tour De Force!

From VictorTheCleaner, a frequent participant on the FOFOA Blog, comes this Tour De Force treatise on the value of gold. I am not speaking of the current Comex/spot market price. I am talking about the Freegold price where gold credit … Continue reading

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FOFOA RPG-Freegold PDFs for Offline Browsing

Here are some PDF files containing numerous FOFOA posts that can be read on an iPad, laptop, or Kindle without logging onto the internet. **New Addition 02/16/15** The entire FOFOA blog in one .epub formatted file! **New Addition 11/16/13** 2 … Continue reading

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Blondie’s Freegold Summary

Blondie, a prolific contributor to the FOFOA blog has put together a Freegold summary that I find to be particularly useful for people that are new to the concept or are trying to introduce the concept to family or friends. … Continue reading

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Martin Armstrong: Financial Armegedon

Martin Armstrong has written another compelling paper on the serious crisis point that is coming and will be resolved, whether government wants it to or not. A few quotes stick out: The best we can hope for is to redsign … Continue reading

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