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Earth calling Quadzilla…

…come in Quadzilla? Now you see the problem with austerity don’t you? The problem is that Quadzilla sits atop the entire world’s pyramid of debt. Haircuts in debt lead to specific derivative contracts being triggered, which then requires someone to … Continue reading

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James Turk – Why Gold Will Go Above $11,000

James Turk speaks for a reasonable valuation of gold in excess of $11,000. I reality it is likely many multiples higher when considering how little of the current global banking structure and its debt will be allowed to fail. The … Continue reading

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Nathan Martin: Monetary Madness – The Real Money Bomb!

Nathan Martin is right about one thing, money is a construct of man and can never stand the test of time. He is absolutely spot on when he says it is not what your money is that is important, it … Continue reading

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Freegold ideas coming to the market?

Here’s another sign that the market is embracing the concept of Freegold. Sprott is trying to set up a gold bank that does not utilize leverage through the production of credit. The bank would make its profit through fees and … Continue reading

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How gold reserves will function under Freegold

For those who want to understand how Freegold reserves will function within the Central Banks, I offer the following in the remarks section of FOFOA’s latest post. Essentially it will work in the same way it does now, only that … Continue reading

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Martin Armstrong: The Rise and Fall of the Euro

Martin touches on many of the concepts that I embrace. One of those concepts is that a single money cannot serve all purposes, as a unit of exchange and as a storehouse of value. As a unit of exchange it … Continue reading

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Addison Wiggin: How Will OPEC Boost Oil Production?

Addison Wiggin asks the question, where is the spare capacity going to come from? Peak oil is a very real thing and it is a reality we will live with for the rest of our lives. The era of cheap … Continue reading

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