The Secret of Oz

This documentary won many awards for best documentary of 2009 all around the globe. It contains a very powerful message that we will all get eventually one way or another, specifically that it is not what backs our money, but who controls it. A war has been waged during the entire history of our country and long before. It is a war over who controls the money. On one hand you have the people through their elected government, and on the other private banking interests. No fewer than 6 times in our history, the people have prevailed against the banks and retained control over the monetary system. Therefore, it has been done before and can be done again.

Our debt based system is the bankers system. They profit from money expansion because they create all money by lending it into existence for an interest fee. Under such a system it is impossible to ever pay off the national debt because all the money in existence corresponds to the principle owed, while the interest owed hasn’t been created yet. It is even impossible to reduce the debt because it leads to a contraction of money and credit supply that brings on economic destruction and depression. Jefferson and Andrew Jackson knew this system for what it is, a system of economic slavery, designed to lead all Americans to a state of serfdom. We are quickly approaching the endgame for this part of the bankers game where the has dollar reigned supreme as the global reserve currency. Before this it was gold. Now that the dollar has been utilized to confiscate as much wealth as possible and is approaching it’s own destruction, the bankers will seek a new instrument to take over through which control can be maintained. We have a small window of opportunity to derail their efforts when they are the most vulnerable, when chaos of depression reaches a crescendo.

Please watch The Secret of Oz. Absorb this message and pass it on to others. Demand that elected officials answer this video point by point. If they do not support constitutional, non-debt based money, do not vote for them. This is the most important issue that dwarfs all others. Do not be fooled by partisan sideshows created to confuse and distract you.

This video was created at great expense to the author. It was initially available for purchase only. He now has chosen to allow it to the public for free. But, he continues with updates and other projects to get this message out and the financial need is great. Please consider visiting The Secret of and supporting the effort through a donation or simply purchase the DVD.

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