Monetary System Primer

Start here if you are new to the concepts of our debt based monetary system.  This will introduce you to simple, yet devilishly obscure concepts that are at the heart of of the system of money the world has adopted. Without understanding these simple concepts, you have virtually no hope whatsoever of understanding what is really happening around you.  After watching these short videos, I suggest taking the Crash Course by Chris Martenson. The Crash Course will outline the problem we face.

Then I suggest watching the entire Renaissance 2.0 course by Damon Vrabel. this will further discuss and outline the What, and then fills in the blank as to the Why we are in our present situation.  After that, I suggest purchasing The Creature from Jekyll Island, where the entire history of the Fed is examined and the concepts covered in the videos are expanding in detail. Follow up with Murray Rothbard’s The Case Against the Fed and The Mystery of Banking to pull all of it together.

Read Gold: The Once and Future Money and learn why gold has outlasted every other form of money and why Central Banks like the Fed hold so much of it.

Finally, by this point you should have a good grasp of our debt based system and the certainty of its inevitable failure. I propose one more step that will bring your knowledge full circle. Study the concept of Freegold as detailed extensively by FOFOA (Friend of a Friend of Another). Start with FOFOA’s highlighted articles in my drop down menu on the the home page of  my blog. Then explore FOFOA’s blog and his archives. It is all there. Reconcile the difference between debt based fiat money, sovereign money, and Freegold. It should be obvious at this point which system is sustainable and compatible with the demands of human society.

Money as Debt II Promises Unleashed

Crash Course: Chapter 8 – The Fed & Money Creation by Chris Martenson

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